Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day: New York, New York Day 3 - Morning at the Parade

so i can NOT believe that it has been an entire year since i was on my magical trip to New York City,
seriously it almost seems like a dream
this morning I could almost hear Melinda's voice waking Xochi and I up jingling our clover leaf necklaces over our sleepy heads...Happy St. Paatriiick's Day!

our day started with a much needed trip to Dunkin Donuts,
fortunately for me i was intensely stopped by Xochi mid-bite from ingesting the unthinkable...ugh!!!
"STOP...don't take another bite"

we hit the Subway as pros, it being our 3rd day in NY and all, headed for the St. Patty's Day Parade
although our neon green clothes may have given us away as tourists
stepping out into a mass of people adorned with green and displaying heavy amounts high octane energy for 10 in the morning was exhilarating
we joined right along in chanting, cheering, and of course dancing
which led to an image of our trip I will never forget...Xochi's shimmy
{catch a glimpse of the infamous Shimmy in our movie here}

but the imagery that completely caught me off guard in bringing me to tears was the one below,
the marines carrying our country's standard
my own grandfather, a marine himself, had recently passed away and my love for him rushed into my soul as i saw these servicemen carrying the flag.
such power
such reverence

as the parade lasted just about all day, 
we felt okay with sampling it and then heading over to Central Park
the photo above was taken by a young kid who wasn't offended when i asked him if he was going to steal my camera
the photo below has to be one of my favorites of our trip.
such natural friendships
it just makes me happy
and laugh

despite the leafless trees, the ominous feeling of the park was still there
almost feeling as if you had been transported into another world
which i guess i had
this was only the very beginning of our adventurous day which i hope i can share another time
oh such memories that i just wanted to relive this morning.
Xochi and Melinda I miss you!!

{to see more of my New York trip click here, here, and here}


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