Friday, March 30, 2012

Trivial fabric dilemma: chime in please

in attempts to avoid delving into thoughts of the heavy things happening in my life right now,
i have decided to escape to the trivial
and bring you there with me
because i would love your input on this trivial matter

once upon a time i had a dining table....with 6 actual dining chairs
we had acquired them from Mike's long time bachelor brother-in-law turned new husband
i painted the honey oak black and covered the textured striped velour with a red and cream toile
they served us well for several years
long story short, i sold them before we moved out of state on the tantalizing promise from Mike that we would be able buy a new set shortly after settling in.
needless to say it has been 6 years and 7 moves later with very little settling in
however Mike did follow through with the better half of his promise,
we were able to buy the most beautiful pedestal table from ZGallerie similar to this one
in my eyes a timelessly styled table
it has been the material pride and joy of my home{s}
really the only reflection of my style in some of the places we have lived

as we do not buy anything on credit
{something we learned early in our marriage}
we could not afford the chairs that came with the Manchester dining table
in lieu of beautifully crafted dining chairs
4 black Target folding chairs
our family was littler then
so only 4,
i never imagined that 6 years later we would be eating off of them as well as in addition to a random white one we have since acquired
which in their defense have served us most diligently these many years
yes we still eat on non-matching folding chairs surrounding my still beautiful, though dented and scratched, dining table

a while back i acquired several chairs of my grandmother's, a combination from 2 different dining sets
i can close my eyes and visualize their original mountain high home

neither of these chairs are my style at all, but i am hoping that some paint and new fabric will make them at home in the family for another generation

here is the trivial decision i am hoping to receive your feedback on
i am deciding on fabrics for the seat cushions 
and all i seem to be drawn to are patterns which involve white, some in large amounts

fabric: top to bottom, left to right:

thoughts of smashed blueberries, spilt green smoothies, and sticky strawberry jam
hadn't even entered my head when thinking of choosing a fabric
then all at once it dawned on me...
my children will be using and abusing these chairs
with black folding chairs, those stains have never shown up or have wiped off easy enough

so do i dare select one of these fabulously airy graphic fabrics
and coat them in layers of scotchguard

or do i need to steer myself towards another option
like this washi tape fabric in a charcoal
or these light prints of chevron or houndstooth

fabric: left to right: washi tape, zig zag, porcelain tile

all you lucky people who have real dining chairs 
and have children
or are dropsy yourself
please chime in on your take on the fabric dilemma
what has been your experience with food meeting fabric?
what sort of fabric do you have on your chairs?
does scotch guarding them really work?
is a stain a stain no matter if its on white or another color?

and try your hand at being my interior designer
take my poll in the right hand column of which fabric you would choose for my dining chairs
the color scheme for my house you ask?
i decided i'm not choosing between 2 or 3 colors, that is just too difficult when i love color as much as i do
so all that you see is my color scheme
having a blank slate of a house helps too.
like i said, trivial, yet oh so important:)


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