Tuesday, January 01, 2013

gatsby girl new year's headpiece tutorial

happy new year to all...
whether building onto the best of 2012
or forgetting it ever happened
here's to

clean slate
fresh start
building blocks
new beginnings
lessons learned
fiery resolves

last night i got a chance to do something i love
dance the night away
one little catch...i was a chaperone at a youth dance
so i did some dancing...some hand stamping, poured water cups...little more dancing
embarrassed the kids i'm sure...passed out party blowers, picked up half-eaten chocolate pieces
but i loved every minute of it
i have a deep love for teenagers being a sunday school teacher of 16, 17, and 18 year olds
{catch a glimpse of their awesomeness at the bottom of the post}
they were actually happy i was there
even calling to make sure i was going
love it

well i wanted to add a little flair to my chaperone attire
so i whipped up some headpieces for my sister and sister in law and i to wear to the dance
inspired by all these fabulous headpieces i am seeing derived from the great gatsby
oh how i would have adored my closet living at that time

so i present the gatsby girl new year's headpiece
visual skeletal tutorial
just the bare bones
would be happy to answer any questions

tulle: 9" x 11" folded lengthwise  |  silver foil candy cups

gathered and stitched tulle  |  hot glued ribbons and feathers

love my silhouette

first attempt with glitter glue - have a lot to learn

elastic cording stitched at ends then stitched to tulle piece  |

wishing you a happy new year from the sister chaperone brigade
hope you spent time doing something you love with people you adore

oh i love these guys...


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