Wednesday, October 18, 2006

August 2006: Newport Beach House

Our annual beach trip with my family was wonderful, once we got used to all living in the same house again:-) Vacations are different when you have your own children, they are lots of fun, but not quite as relaxing. The weather was perfect and it really was great to "all" be together-we miss you Bub. Owen loved testing his new bike-riding skills up and down the boardwalk-one morning to the doughnut shop. We had lots of fun building all sorts of things in the sand: castles, pyramid, Sphinx w/ Tashie's help, Buddha, a gi-normous hole-big enough to bury Luke & Josh standing, etc. It was fun to see the cousins together. Eyan loved playing in the sand, a probably ate a pound of it. Ness and I hit the boogie boards and Luke and Josh battled the waves in Josh's 2-man kayak. Mom and Dad had fun watching us all be goofy and "normal". Liz had fun with Tash and had visits from some best buds-Roxanne, Leanne, & Cody whom I'm sure we all scared away with our Newsies song and dance. We missed you Bub.


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