Wednesday, October 18, 2006

September 2006: Temple Day

The temple is a very important place in our faith. It is the House of the Lord, a place where we can find peace in this fast-paced world, a place where families are sealed together for eternity, and a place where we make sacred promises with God that enrich our lives and the lives of others. Mike has been attending the temple each Wednesday morning and Owen decided he would like to go too. So this day, we got dressed up in our best clothes, Mommy in a dress and the boys in white shirts and ties, and we went to the temple. We laid a blanket out on the front lawn and read books about Jesus and ate snacks. Eyan tried out his new walking skills on unlevel grass. We then took those things back to the car and walked through the entrance of the beautiful River Jordan Temple. The boys were very reverant and loved looking around at all the people coming in and out. We sat inside the entrance and a sweet woman volunteering there brought the boys each a picture of the temple. We all had a wonderful time. Owen can not wait until he can enter when he turns 12. I am grateful for my sweet boys.


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