Thursday, October 19, 2006

October 2006: Pumpkin Patch

Owen and Eyan had so much fun when Grandpa and Grandma came to stay at our house. They played, played, played. I think Grandpa and Grandma had just as much fun. On one day we went to a pumpkin patch where Owen got to pick his own pumpkins right off the vine and they both climbed up into the tractors. Eyan tested out his walking with Grandpa. Woo-woo! It was a cold, windy fall day. Perfect pre-Halloween weather. We had to hurry to beat the rain.


  1. Briana, You just have the most beautiful, precious, happy family and I love seeing the pictures and hearing the stories. Seriously, I get teary eyed every time I look at your blog. Congratulations on the new addition to be, I can't wait for another Baby Johnson! Love you!

  2. How are you doing - the photos are great - I miss your whole family. Erik is trying to have the family Christmas at his house in December so get the word out - with mom not being up to full strength we thought if it was close it would be good. Let me know how you are. What happened in the accident, and how long have you known you were pregnant? I miss you and love you so much - you are such an example to me always - I just worry for the day you get translated - I will miss you even more:) Keep me updated I will try to send pics soon my girls are so beautiful - I am enjoying Emmy so much, she has been sick with a nasty cold but still makes me happy everyday. Eleanna is thriving this year with her teacher, I think she's teachers pet. We laugh so much together it's like having a friend to talk to she's so smart and funny. At times I have to keep her in check cuz she can get a little sassy - but all in all we are good. I can't wait for this house to be finished it's getting closer - but poor kent has too much to do everyday. Well I don't think my comments are supposed to be this long - so bye for now, keep in touch love, karlee

  3. YEAH! how fun! I am so excited for this new edition! I am so sure it is a girl! We shall see! The pumpkin patch looks so fun! We are all missing you very much! Love you lots! You are in our prayers daily.

  4. Cute pictures! Jackson wants to write something : ,' , x 7jmn m 7rjtakj, `5q
    love you! -vaness & jack

  5. I hear another boy is on his way???? I can't believe it! Congratulations Mike, Briana, Owen & Eyan! I can't wait to meet him :-)
    By the way, the other anonymous post is from me, I guess I forgot to sign my name.
    Love to all of you,



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