Saturday, October 13, 2007

September 2007: True Blue Cougar Fans

I have never before in my life seen a sight like the parking scene of the BYU v UCLA game at the Rose Bowl. I'm not sure how to describe it. Lets just say that we passed the Rose Bowl (capacity 91,000+) and miles - literally - of parked cars on a golf course before we could park. We couldn't even see the stadium from where we parked. It was incredible! What was even more incredible was the amount of BYU fans that were there. It was the closest we will get to Cougar Stadium this year. It was so much fun. Mom, Dad, Owen, Mike, and I met my bro Luke, his son Davis, and Luke's friend Travis at the game. We had a great time despite the bad ref calls and disappointing outcome. Mike says there's nothing like singing your fight song in someone else's house. I saw several of my friends from BYU and I know more of them were there. I created a coloring sheet - okay, really it was a cheat sheet for me - of some important players' numbers and names as well as some other football clipart for Owen. He was great the entire time. We're going to the San Diego game next. P.S. - Do you love Owen's shoes? How many of you either had a pair or your brother did?


  1. How exciting. Wade went to the BYU-UNLV game last night, but not as cool as going to the Rose Bowl. It does bring back bad memories of going to the USC-BYU game a few years ago. Nasty USC fans, but always so fun to watch the cougars.

  2. Hey you, I have been hoping you'd post! You must be busy! What are you Halloween plans this year?
    Too bad you guys couldn't hook up w/ Marco there, he took a bus in so didn't have to deal w/ the parking, but it sounded like a mad house!
    Anywho, hope that all is well! Looks like the game was a lot of fun!



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