Saturday, October 27, 2007

October 2007: General Conference in our P.J.s

The first Sunday in October is an opportunity to listen to our church's General Conference, an international broadcast from Utah featuring our Prophet, Apostles, and other leaders from our church. It is always an inspiring time. This conference really helped me to feel enpowered as a mother and I am grateful for that. Sometimes I struggle in feeling that my strengths don't always coincide with what Motherhood requires. I came away feeling that I really could become good at this :-).
It has become more difficult to listen with 3 little munchkins, but I realized I need to put more preparation into creating a great experience for them as well. My brother Lucas and his family came as well as my sister Vanessa and hers. I'm sure it was quite a new experience for Jesse, but I think he loved it. Mom and Dad asked for it by building such an accomodating house!


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