Saturday, October 27, 2007

October 2007: Legos are the best toy

My boys LOVE Legos. They are the greatest toy. Owen really is amazing with his creations. He enjoys creating his own things - like a pool on the back of a train, castles, car washes, etc - as well as being really good at following the step by step instructions on his own. Here he is making a hotel with Grandma. Eyan is also very methodical in his creations. He has a distinct pattern when creating "sumping" - translation "something". "Sumping" can now be substituted for almost any word - tower, car, boat. If he wants me to "help" him make "sumping" he gets upset if I put the Lego in the wrong spot and does it himself. I grew up with brothers that loved Legos; my mom even kept their bucket'o'legos. I love those kind of toys that just lets their imagination soar.


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