Saturday, October 27, 2007

October 2007: Pumpkin Patch

We love the Pumpkin Patch. Eyan has started saying his own prayers. The week before we went, he slipped in "Pumpkin Patch" about 3 different times into his prayers. It was hilarious! All the cousins were able to go along with Aunt Kelly, Uncle Steve, Aunt Dawn, Sophie, and some friends of Kelli's. It was a long drive to Escondido, but worth it. I love seeing the gigantic pumpkins on the vine; the little pumpkins were set in large piles. There was a tractor hay ride - Eyan's favorite part - a pony ride, a petting zoo with a pesky little goat, and a hay maze just the right size for the kids.


  1. All of the new pics are absolutely precious. Will you post the family pic somewhere in the blog? I can't click on it and I want to see all of your beautiful faces! I can't believe how much the Dix family has grown! Your parents must be in heaven with all the grandkids! I hope you were all ok with the fires last week. What a week huh? So much love to you Briana! I miss you! Love, Des

  2. Briana!!! I saw Bub the other day, he came over and met my wife and we got to talk for a little while. It was so much fun, and it had pretty much been about 4 years since we had seen each other! Amy sent me the link to your blog, so it was fun to see how big your kids are, it's so crazy! Have a good one!
    Ryan Harrison

  3. it was a fun day! Eyan looks so HUGE compared to davis in that makes me laugh. I am glad we went and will go again next year. Wha a crack up that Eyan as praying for the pumpkin patch.



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