Monday, October 29, 2007

October 2007: Ode to Scotch Tape

Scotch tape - a 5 year old boy's solution for everything -
  • when you run out of room on a regular piece of paper to finish long words like "halloween" and "birthday" - just write on another tiny piece of paper and tape it on the edge
  • when you break the end of your plastic shovel off from digging in every substance possible, just tape it back on
  • when your tractor's wheels and roof just won't stay on, layer after layer of scotch tape is sure to do the trick
  • when you rip a hole in the sofa from running on it while mom is passed out from staying up all night with a sick baby, just enlist your little brother to cut you off a 3 foot long piece while you hold the two ripped sides together

These and countless others just have to make you laugh and appreciate the ingenious mind of the 5 year old boy. Thank you Owen. I love watching you in action.


  1. I love Scotch Tape! Aren't kids cute. I wish all the things in my life could be fixed with Scotch Tape.

    Thanks for the darling announcment of Tate. So fun to hear from you.

    We miss you.

  2. Hi Elder Johnson,

    If you think you ever get to come up for air -- forget it! It is now October (barely), and I'm finally writing to congragtulation you on th birth of Tate who is now talking and can write his own name. I really thought that life would be calmer at this stage, but it's not.
    We hope you're doing well -- your wife is beautiful and your boys are great! What more can you want!



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