Friday, June 26, 2009

June 2009: We Are the World

Well today Owen asked me, "Who is Michael Jackson?" so I felt it was my duty as a child of the 80s to show my boys who Michael Jackson was. I have had such a fun time watching some of those music videos and listening to some songs that remind me so much of growing up. My favorite Michael Jackson song has to be "Billie Jean". I loved this little clip. It just made me think of many family room dances sessions featuring my brother Luke!

Another song that I just loved as a young girl was "We Are the World". I recorded it from the radio, probably KIIS FM, to a cassette tape and listened to it over and over on my little boombox with 2 speakers and a rectangular handle. I loved watching this clip and seeing all these 80s singers-I LOVED Cyndi Lauper:-)

We love dancing at our house! My kids have some awesome moves. Owen's already practicing the pelvic thrust, a mini-Luke in the making. I was happy to share Michael Jackson with them today.


  1. I love it! I have also been trying to explain to my kids how popular Michael Jackson was when I was a kid. The soundtrack of my youth! I loved his videos- which I would watch at friends houses, of course, since we didn't have MTV. :) Savannah just keeps saying what a pretty girl he is.

  2. We are the World was a favorite of mine too. We have a picture of Carrie, Jaime and I dressed up to lip-sync to it. I was a pretty convincing Bruce Springstein, if you ask me.

  3. I want to see video of Luke doing the michael jackson moves! Oh my gosh! Next mission to get those tapes from your mom!



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