Sunday, July 05, 2009

April 2009: My baby is 2! - Happy Birthday Tate:-)

I can't believe my little baby is 2. Tate is growing so fast, trying his best to keep up with his older brothers. He says fun, new things all the time. Our favorite thing he says is "Awesome that!" or "Awesome this!". He is hilarious when he yells this when he gets really excited about something - like a car-carrying semi on the freeway, an enormous bug, yummy treats in my purse, etc. It makes me laugh everytime I hear him. Liz, Kelli, and I named our Rockband Band "Awesome That!" as a tribute.

He loved his cake we had for him on his actual birthday eventhough we had already celebrated it at our Birthday Bash. Tate loves Pompa. My Dad honks each time he passes our house on his way home from work or other various times (not on the way to work however-my Dad has left for work to LA at 4 AM for over 15 years!) So now anytime Tate hears honking he says "Pompa" so matter of factly. Here he is in his beloved boots again. I love watching him eat when I'm not scared to death he's going to choke. He is a shover - rarely is food eatten in bites, its all shoved in his mouth by the palm of his hand. I was actually proud of him for attempting to use his fork for his piece of cake eventhough his bite was the whole piece:-).

Anyone who has been around Tate knows he is a real character, quite the personality. And he is so darn cute. He has now decided that since he can climb out of his crib he would like to be out of it at 5:45 AM!!!. In my groggy in between sleep and awake I hear a little voice about an inch away from my face, "Mommy up", "I wake up Mommy", "Beckfest Mommy", "Mommy up" and pulls the covers off of me and yanks on my arm. Its a good thing he's so cute!


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