Monday, June 13, 2011

Owen's On a Roll with Honor Roll

Our first Honor Roll Student...
Way to go Owen!
This year Owen has really been working hard on completing his work... his vice... reading:-)  Yep, you read that right: reading, reading, and reading some more.  He loves to read, in the place of doing his assignments that is.  
His famous words this year were...oh, I didn't finish that assignment mom.  i ran out of time.
Translation.  I just couldn't put my book down, I had to finish the
Thankfully he had an amazing teacher who really helped him to focus and accept responsibility, Mrs. Allegra Benson.

As parents, Mike and I were so proud of Owen when he achieved Honor Roll for his 1st Trimester in 3rd Grade... then Straight A's for 2nd and 3rd Trimesters.  We did however have to lay down the law, that although we were so proud of him, we don't put stickers on our cars.  Sorry kids.

I loved looking over these photos to see how much he's grown even in just 1 year.  His best little buddy, Zak, also got Honor Roll each time with him. [the last assembly he was at Disneyland instead:-)}  
He's had lots of support too, baby sister, little brothers, Grandma, Mom, and Dad all there to give great big hugs and glowing praise.

First Trimester...November 2011
Mom.Felicity in tow

Second Trimester...March 2011
Mom.Dad.Tate.Felicity in pearls.Grandma

Third Trimester...May 2011
Grandma entertaining wiggly Felicity.Mom.proud Tate.

Good work my little boy, whose not so little anymore.  What a wonderful worker you are.  I'm so proud of you.  I love you Owen!


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