Saturday, June 04, 2011

Mud Pies and Wood Chip Tea

Mud pie anyone? How about some wood chip tea?  Yumm-o!  {Tate was not allowed to sip his tea by the way.}  Perfect summer backyard fun.  Of course after you have covered yourself in mud, you have to hose yourself off.

Then dry off in the sun.

And make silly faces at Mom.

Felicity woke up from her nap and wanted to join the fun.  She has recently discovered that she loves riding in cars, a Wiggles Big Red Car that is.  Yes, this car has been around that long, from a time when every kid knew who the Wiggles were.  Chuga Chuga Chuga Chuga Big Red Car.  {you know you know the one}

A quintessential lazy summer day.

{Photos taken with Hipstamatic App for my IPhone.  My camera battery was dead so I decided to try this new app.  You can pick your type of vintage film, flash, and lens.  I became giddy with my new little toy.}


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