Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Goodbye School, Hello Summer

I remember reading in a Family Fun magazine {love that magazine!...full of ideas by creative people for tired people like me to make our own:-)} about a Mom who put up a banner for her kids to run through on the last day of school to celebrate the beginning of Summer.  I have been wanting to do this for years and so this year I was determined to do it.  I let the creative juices flow and I have to say that it was so much fun to do!  It became a little precarious as I climbed up the ladder to hang up the front door "Summer" sign by myself but thankfully no trip to the Urgent Care {who unfortunately has seen us a little too often}.  The yard was ready, just needed the boys to come home.

My little Kindergartener was first to be home.  Eyan was thrilled to run through that finish line and then through the front door ribbons over and over again.  Of course Tate had a hankering for bursting through the ribbons since the moment I hung them up.  The elation on their faces was contagious.

Owen seemed to bounce out of the car.  Mainly because he saw something to run through, not because he was overly thrilled for Summer to begin.  Owen LOVES school and wasn't too sure about being out for 3 months.  He, like his brothers, bounded back and forth through the ribbon sign.

My cute little school boys were out for the summer.  I always love seeing their shoes on the last day of school.  {Owen's kindergarten shoes here.} It is amazing to me how they can be transformed into bare threads within months.  Eyan calls these shoes his Lightning McQueen shoes {its the closest he'll get since I am a mean mom who doesn't allow character shoes} and I think they may be close to their final lap.  I always love Owen's style.  His shoe laces went from black to purple to white and black throughout the year.  

We had made a bucket list for things to do this summer and we definitely started off our first day right.  This was only the beginning of our day of fun.  Stay tuned for photos of a pool party, pizza, and a Drive In Movie.  Oh the fun we had!

{see my tutorial for the 'Gateway to Summer' door banner here}


  1. that is soooo cool Love this idea for wen i have kids in school!

  2. You have got to be the best, coolest mom in the world. I may have to steal that one when school gets out this next year. Love this and now that I will have two in school all day, they would love it too!

  3. A D O R A B L E!
    love the photos!



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