Thursday, August 15, 2013

summer lovin happened so fast

summer lovin happened so fast

and with the the ring of a bell
summer is over for at least one of us
tate started school today
the lone Johnson man on campus
as both eyan and owen will be attending the charter school this year
to say he was ecstatic to start school would be putting it mildly
last night he slept with magic confetti under his pillow
given by his teacher beforehand to calm those 'back to school' jitters
and help him sleep through the night
and awake in the morning fresh and bright 

circumstances allowed for a beach trip to say goodbye to summer
for me the beach is always a good decision
outside of places of worship, the beach tops my list of favorite places to be
and places that feed my soul
i think the kids like the beach for different reasons
but its a consensus
we love the beach

last days of summer

i am honored to associate with such incredible teens
that are such a large part of of my children's lives
in this one moment 
felicity is jumping waves with her favorite person, 'kenna'
tate is getting a piggyback ride from the forever-a-big-kid joe
and owen is out there in the waves with cool jacob getting boogie board lessons
i love that they care
teens looking outside themselves to find joy in the little moments of fun and laughter with young children is simply amazing
they are making such an impact on my family
i am so grateful to be a part of a church family
truly another example of a village

jumping waves
out in the waves
jumping the waves
piggyback ride in the ocean

we would have stayed all day at the beach if we could have
but alas we had to come home
straight to the tub for this crew
while i turned my head, eyan poured half a bottle of bubble bath into the tub
they were in heaven

after beach bath

here is my little man tate
ready to electrify first grade
how i am grateful for children who love learning and enjoy being at school
to see my favorite back to school photo shoot, click here
the older boys now wearing uniforms to school, makes back to school photos, well, quite...boring
i'll need to find a way to spice things up a bit

back to school

how did you spend your final days of summer?
did you fit in most of your summer bucket list?
were you are the kids more ready for school to begin?


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