Friday, August 23, 2013

change in the air

i'm feeling it
i'm feeling a change
i'm feeling it in the air

i have had this song by morgan page on repeat this morning
got out of bed and have got to hit this day running

change you ask
what sort of change could be in store for us now
is anything really out of the realm of possibility for us

well for the sake of time
i'm just going to come out and say it
we are moving....
next week
to utah

that is move 14 in 15 years of marriage
you thought 13 in 13 was crazy
well we're always good for a new level of craziness

in all seriousness there is a huge wave of urgency that is fueling this move
hence the
'we decided yesterday morning and we're moving next week' time table

the urgency is the necessity for mike to receive the healthcare he needs
over the past three weeks mike's disease has produced the most devastating effects on my brilliant husband
that of cognitive decline
confusion, memory loss, inability to perform basic tasks, extended periods of unresponsiveness, and the breakdown of that seemingly inpenetrable will power that has kept him going for so long

i would love to share with you this process for how this came about
and more of a clear picture for why this move
and why now
i've got an entire house to pack in a week
and my sister's wedding to attend tomorrow

i ask for your prayers on our behalf
as i wrap my mind and will around making this move
taking the remaining stability in my life and purposefully making it unstable
because i know that this is the best thing for our family
for mike
for the heart of our family
looking to create longstanding peace and renewal out of a temporary chaos

there's a change in the air
and i am moving forward to embrace it


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