Tuesday, August 27, 2013

wherever i go: saying goodbye at daddy's grave

this morning in the midst of dashing about
i found myself near daddy's cemetery
i knew i had to take a moment to say goodbye

i pulled up to the gates i had visited so often
a place i had found to bring solace
whether i could experience solitude in thought
or wrangling kids running between hedges
i have found joy and peace there time after time
especially in those moments of sorrow and yearning to hear his voice

as i walked into that cemetery this morning
tears streaming down my cheeks
something most important occurred
a truth was reconfirmed to me that i had experienced first hand over this past year
and it came again this morning
but in the voice of my father
as i stood over his grave

briana i am not here
i can be wherever you are
that peace and comfort you desire will be yours no matter where you go
you don't need to cry anymore
i know you have lots to do
so go and do them

oh my daddy, forever giving wise counsel
i felt a love fill my entire being
and i felt the truth of those words

i know from the depths of my soul that there is life beyond the grave
do i know all of the details of how and what
no, but i don't need to
i know my father lives
for i have felt his presence and i have heard his voice
families are eternal through the grace and power of Jesus Christ
and the sacred ordinances of His Holy Temple
this i know to be true
and this i will carry with me
or in fact, it will carry me
wherever i go


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