Tuesday, November 27, 2007

November 2007: Owen's Thanksgiving Feast

I really enjoy volunteering in Owen's class. I love that he loves me being there and that other kids look forward to me being there too. Kindergarteners are so cute and loving. Owen's class had a Thanksgiving Feast and I was able to go in to help them. I took some darling photos of each of the kids. Here's Chief Owen and another of him and his bud Angelo. The other photo is of some of the kids in his class. Give you one guess who his best friend is. Yes the cute little boy in the front, Parker. They are not allowed to be together in class but that's like torture for them. They love playing together after school at the park. They ask me everyday if they can go.

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  1. Briana!!! It's Xochi Hulse.
    I'm going to peruse your blog. It's taken me long enough since you sent me an email that you had one. I'm so lame. You have the cutest family!!! It's great to look at the pictures and see that you're all doing well. We miss you guys. Chat later!
    P.S. Melinda and I were just talking about you and missing you.



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