Thursday, November 01, 2007

October 2007: Halloween Party

We have been very grateful to stay with my parents and have enjoyed going to church with them in the same ward (congregation). The Canyon Lake Ward had their annual Halloween Party and we were happy to attend. We nearly swept the Costume Contest awards - Tate, our adorable razor sharp toothed shark, placing 1st in his age group - Owen, a lovable ketchup-faced Captain Jack with his sidekick Smee, Eyan - placing 2nd in his age group. We are just counting Eyan as part of the package as they were hand in hand. My sister Vanessa and husband Josh -golfers -placed 3rd as well as our cousin Collin Layton - Boba Fett. I think our family's pirate crew looked pretty darn cute! Mike decided to shave and leave a mustache and part his hair down the middle. When he came out of the room like that I just about died laughing from being so caught off guard.


  1. Adorable costumes. I was looking forward to seeing what everyone would come up with. You look so fabulous too! Your hair is so long and you look so happy. Fun to be so close to so much family!

  2. Brianne....I love all your darling pictures & posts. So cute! I have to tell you that Owen made Payton's day. He was soooo excited to get Owen's letter in the mail. He has it sitting on top of his dresser and is CONSTANTLY looking at it. Thank you so much! We're working on a letter for Owen. I'm glad to see all is well. Your hair is so long! I love it. Talk to you soon...Britt



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