Thursday, November 29, 2007

November 2007: Yes, Disneyland Again

Mike actually got the day before Thanksgiving off, a rarity. So since we spent our yearly entertainment budget on Disneyland passes, we figured we should go!! again!! We love Disneyland. It is great going with kids, I forgot as a teen and young adult that Disneyland is actually for little kids. Going with kids, I was actually opened up to a new world in Disneyland. The boys favorite rides according to Eyan are Small Woiled, Pirates of Caribeen, and Winnie Pooh. Mike gets creeped out on Small World, so its just me, Owen, and Eyan.

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  1. I have never been to Disneyland at Christmas-time. It looks beautiful.

    I had only been to Disneyland once in my childhood and then not again until I married Brandon. I felt like I had really missed out, then I was run over by a stroller and realized I hadn't been missing a thing.

    Really though, you're right, it's a whole different experience with kids. (Even more fun).

    I'm glad that you got to go, and I love the pictures.



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