Friday, August 01, 2008

June 2008: Owen's Kinder Graduation

Owen graduated from Kindergarten and is ready to move onto... 9th grade. Yes, that is what he tells us. I think we have created a monster. We have been telling Owen how smart he is, so now he REALLY believes it. He cracks me up. The graduation was fun. I love that the ratio of adults to kids was like 5:1 except for 1 little girl, I felt so bad for her, she had no one there. Mr. Branstetter was such a fabulous teacher for Owen, a real answer to prayer. I am nervous for next year's teacher. Owen is also pictured here with the infamous J.R., Owen's bud and competition. Owen would come home and tell us how he beat J.R. in something or how J.R. beat him in somthing. It was such a big deal for him to beat him. Here are some pics of graduation as well as some photos from when we got home. I love these ones of Owen. He looks like such a big kid. He really is such a handsome boy. I love the one of his shoe. Its definitely seen some action this year. I also love the one of him watching the ants, real life boy stuff.


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