Sunday, August 03, 2008

July 2008: 4th of July at Moonlight Beach

We had a warm and beautiful 4th of July at Moonlight Beach. My brother got there at 6 am to stake out our spot. Thanks Bub! We got there around 10 and spent the day playing and eating! And of course I managed to step on a bee, yes if you just read the post on our little getaway, I'm sure you are not surprised. I have definitely been identified by the words of U2's "Whose Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses?", "You're an accident waiting to happen, you're a piece of glass left there on the beach." At least I learned that not everytime I get stung by a bee do I break out in hives, that was only last time! I also learned from my longtime friend Angie that putting a penny directly onto a bee sting will take the pain away, don't ask me why. The boys had fun in the sand and water as usual. Owen and Eyan were mesmerized by a couple of boys digging a huge moat and wall. They let them climb in and watch. Tate really enjoyed splashing around more than he has before. This is such a fun age. Mike was able to join us for a short while, retail knows only 2 holidays and 4th of July isn't one of them. Sometimes Mike forgets there are other holidays.


  1. I can not believe how big the boys look. Time flies, they are adorable.

    I am jealous that you got a little get away without the kids...are vacations with the hubby great!!

    I hope all is well, we have news. Pregnant again! The funny whole story is on my blog.

  2. Loving all the updates. Your hair looks great. Your kids are ADORABLE!



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