Sunday, August 03, 2008

July 2008: My Nana

I was able to take the kids over to see my Nana who now lives with her daughter since the passing of our beloved Abuelito. She was actually coming out to her own home, a home that I am so familiar with and brings back childhood memories: my Abuelito outback in his workshop busily making something wonderful out of wood, picking grapes from the vines, Nana's lemon cake, raking leaves out back. Here is my Nana, 92 years old, with my 3 boys. She is so amazing. I went to crop this photo and I couldn't. Looking at the room I see so many familiar things, the entertainment center Abuelito made, arm rests that Nana crocheted, photos of my Mom and Aunt Kelly in high school on the wall, the cross that hung on the wall in their bedroom.

Both her and Abuelito have given so much with their hands. My Abuelito was a master craftsman and created beautiful things with wood, treasures each one in the family hold dear. For his career he drafted and built incredible wooden yachts as well as ships during the war that safely navigated mine fields. My Nana was always creating play things for us as children, bunnies, dolls, jewelry holders, hair accessories. She has created beautiful things for my own children now: blankets, booties, shoes, sweaters, and even a little bear Tate loves to hold and sleep with. I hope that I will live such a long, healthy life and get to see so many generations. My Abuelito was 94 when he passed away. Almost 10 years ago, I went on a trip to Mexico City with my Abuelito and Nana for a family reunion. I will never forget that trip- visiting the museums, meeting my wonderfully warm family, and dancing with my Abuelito to a Mariachi band. How many girls get to know their great-grandparents like that? Not many. I am one of the lucky few. And my boys, their great-great grandparents. Families are wonderful!


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