Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Intentional Fun, Less Phantom Stress

The real test of my capacity to overcome my weaknesses....
It has been roughly 3 weeks since embarking on my Homemaker's Challenge.  Really that has taken on such a different meaning for me than I had thought.  Sure the "My house is going to look better than ever" goal is still there, but the "I want to feel as if my day is full of my priorities" has risen higher.  I am trying.  Then I get exhausted.  Slack off.  Mess up.  Something lifts me up, no doubt divine grace, and I'm ready to try again.

Mike said something today that really hit home.  He said, "Four more years and all your kids will be in school."
Wow!  That's it.  I only have 4 more years til all my kids are in school.  That really made me sad and reflect on how I am spending my time with them.  Looking back on my day, I am glad that I had that reaction of sadness because honestly somedays I find myself looking toward a time in my life with more "me" time.  Is that ever going to happen?  Probably yes a little more, but I don't want the trade off to be regret.

As I was chasing Felicity around outside as she was putting her baby doll and then herself in a dump truck, instead of doing that laundry that my Calendar alerted me that I was supposed to be doing, I realized that I needed to change my expectations of Summer and fill more of my time with playing with the kids instead of managing them enough to try to get what "needs" to be done done.  I think its going to be a tough balance, but I think this may be a better way to approach it.  I want to teach my children work and service but at the same time the joy of family fun.  I think I will have less discouragement if I change my focus a little.

Here's to more intentional fun and less "phantom stress" as Mike calls it!!

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  1. Glad to know someone is in the exact same predicament and is brave enough to share that. I too struggle with trying to get things done- cause in a sense that is honoring my husband (he enjoys a clean house). But there also needs to be a balance I think. Life is so hard! Thankfully we have someone to guide us into doing what is right. Love your blog!!



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