Tuesday, August 02, 2011

My Personality

I have always had a thing for sunglasses.  In college my sunglasses and I were almost inseparable.  I reveled in being labeled a "California Girl" {after all I'm practically California royalty:) being ninth generation with my great ... great grandfather Santiago Arguello being the first governor of California}  After going through all of my Freshman photos, I showed them to the boys.  Owen pointed to this photo and asked me why I was wearing goggles.  Classic.

Someone flippantly nicknamed my sunglasses "my personality".  Of course I loved that.  Accessories make an ensemble.  I have had innumerable {to borrow my husband's word} pairs.  My personalities have been mistakenly abandoned in various stores, gas stations, airplanes, beaches, and have been dismantled by little hands, dropsy hands, and the occasional tire.  Mike finally had to put a quota on my sunglass allowance- one new pair allowed every six months.  I try to find my way around it.  And hey, I only buy the cheapie $6 pair so really I'm fine.

I took Owen and Eyan school shopping this past week and we had a blast.  I love that they have their own sense of fashion.  I have been trying to do them right and teach them a few little style tips.  It makes me smile that they are the kids that wear fedora hats, aviator sunglasses, belts with huge Star Wars logo buckles and if Owen had his way, a shiny wallet chain.  That just cracks me up.  I haven't given in to that one yet, but he's pushing for it.  Felicity instinctually knows how to wear accessories: put on bracelets and necklaces, throw a purse over her shoulder, and attempt to put on sunglasses, hats, and headbands.

I think my kids are full of personality with or without accessories, but isn't it just so much more fun with them?:)


  1. Very cute picture. We son, Jared, gives me a hard time about my sun glasses. I can never seem to find them and I probably have 3 or 4 pair. Now that my eyes are getting older I cannot handle the sun so I would rather leave my purse home than my sunglasses :)



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