Thursday, August 25, 2011


I am grateful that some of my children inherited the quick wit of their father.  I am always the one that knows exactly what she would have said in a conversation a mere hour or two after it actually occurred.    I do have to say that after 13 years of marriage to the most hilarious man, a few funny comments slip out every once in awhile, to which I am always surprised and quite proud.  {I'm that girl that laughs at her own jokes:) only because I'm just as caught off guard to hear them as anyone else, just ask my siblings}.

Well our four year old Tate definitely was born a character, just look at that grin above and at those sideways glancing eyes in this photo from my "Back to School" photo shoot.   He continually surprises me with the funny remarks that fly out of his mouth on a regular basis.  He is quite happy to be a 'funny man'!

If you have noticed I began a note in my sidebar entitled, "Tate-isms".  It mainly serves as insurance that I will write down some of those moments that I don't want to forget.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

Today in the car as the boys were enthusiastically talking about a show {think high decibel levels!}, “I love that part!  It makes me laugh my tears out.” -Tate
August 2, 2011 

Tate giving his answer to our family spotlight we are doing this week in devotionals.
Question: What makes you mad? Why?
Answer: Closing the door when I am in the garage and turning off the light, like when Eyan shut the door on us and Owen was really, really mad... I think he was going to pull his skin off.  Mom, why are you doing that ...Why are you pulling up and down your shoulders? {I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud but I guess he still saw my shoulders shaking as I was doing all I could to control my laughter}
 August 7, 2011

Yesterday on our way to preschool Tate asked, "Mom, how does that nest balance on the small branches?"  I was puzzled as to where this was coming from so I looked out our window to see this:

the logo for our community on a flag.  That he would ask that question, that his little 4 year old brain would wonder about balance really blew me away.  I have to say that I didn't quite know how to respond so I replied, "I don't know." - Good one:)  To which he promptly replied, "I'll ask one bird if he knows."

I love having Tate in my life.  He keeps me laughing and in a day full of running around like mad from one thing to the next, he sometimes is my best medicine.


  1. I loved having Tate in nursery. He was wise beyond his years.

    Carlene's soon to be momma :)

  2. Love that Tate!! He's such a joy to have around...always something funny to say in between his favorite lines, "Grandma, I'm hungry!" or "Grandma, can I have a banana?" ! And that's boisterous for such a little guy! Love him!!



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