Sunday, February 19, 2012

An Escape from our Uninvited Guest

we have had an uninvited guest imposing on us for nearly 6 weeks...
not the kind that comes with luggage and needs towels, we like that kind!
but the sort of imposition that you just didn't see coming and you're not quite sure when its leaving
the sort of unexpected, heavy burden that keeps you up at night.
one day when it leaves i'll be able to tattle on it.

well we needed a break from it
and where better to leave reality
than Disneyland

snacks and passes in hand
we loaded up the kids
and headed to 'Mimi's House {Felicity's name for Mickey}

i think everyone else in the state needed a break from reality too
cuz it was packed
nevertheless we had a great day filled with just the sort of diversion we needed

{I absent-mindedly gave her snacks, including chocolate covered pretzels, as we left one ride.  Found her covered in chocolate at the next.  Was laughing so hard!  Way to go Mom:) }

D-land is Mike's personal El Guapo
extremely long lines without places to sit, rides to throw his already unbalanced equilibrium more out of whack, lots and lots of walking, for most parts of the year - the heat, all a reminder of his limitations

but because he is THE MAN that he is
and knows the joy that it brings his children to be there
he goes and tries his very best to be able to do what all the other Dads do
and he takes joy in watching his children's elation
in hearing them talk about this and that awesome ride
in spending time with them at their favorite place on Earth

it is difficult for me to watch his face as he grimaces with each step
his grip on the stroller handle that he uses for balance and leverage
but oh how i can not take this away from him
i can't take away his desire to be there for his children
despite his apologies to me and the kids
although it tears at my heart knowing that this day will effect how he feels for days,
it only makes me love him more


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