Sunday, February 05, 2012

Mike's Spontaneous Christmas Games

its mid-afternoon 3 days before Christmas.
i receive a phone call from my husband saying he has a fun idea for games to play with the kids tonight and he needs me to run to the store to grab some items: balloons, crepe paper {oh course he didn't call it that but i knew what he meant}, candy canes, and any other tree decorating items.
who is this...?

maybe having your husband spontaneously check out Family Fun Magazine Online to get ideas of games to play with your kids that night is a common thing for you, but not for me.
i have to say that i was so thrilled that he would take initiative that i overlooked the audible voice in my head that screamed: 'are you crazy?... you want me to take 4 kids by myself to the store 3 days before Christmas to grab a few random items for a game night you are throwing together last minute?'  

i am grateful that i hushed that voice, even though the trip to the store did prove eventful.  we nearly managed to leave the store unscathed until Tate threw a tantrum in the checkout line because we were not purchasing goldfish.  
as i was escorting him out of Target with my other 3 in tow, a woman yelled out, "ahhhh knock it off".  nothing like spreading a little holiday cheer!  i was rather taken aback but decided to cut her some slack since she was alone, dressed in way too much leather fringe, and was unplugging the motorized wheelchair probably to use for herself.

mike came home from work later on, geared up for the games:

1. Pin the Present on the Sled-

i have to say that it was challenging to force myself to keep these games simple.  i didn't have time to design cute little presents and a sled to use.  it had to be construction paper and permanent marker.  it killed me at first that they weren't appealing to my eyes, but i let go and just had fun.   i learned that i could enjoy 'spontaneous' moments just as much as the 'thoroughly themed and planned', and ohhh it is ever so  less work:)

the boys loved being spun around.  and dad did a great job because not a single one of us got even close to the sled...well maybe Felicity.

i think this was the kids' favorite one...seeing how many balloons they could shove in Grandpa's jacket and Dad's favorite flannel pants.  i think the record was 16.  Mike's expanding size incited lots of giggles.

Prizes -

Mike had purchased prizes for all of the kids.  each perfect to their interests - O: sketching, T: launching, E: coloring, and Baby girl: accessorizing

oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches.
round and round they went.
adding candy canes, glittery branches, and a star on 'top'.
their favorite part, of course, was undecorating the tree....'Timber!!'

i think Mike's favorite part was his impromptu game of "Props" with his glittery appendages...
in a valley girl voice, "do you like totally like my new hair do?"
passing the Olympic torch,
a pig's tail, 
Statue of Liberty, 
...and many others that will remain veiled.

thank you honey for taking the lead and bringing us all a night of laughs!  
unleash that spontaneity anytime:)


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