Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine Bowlermen and Miss Charleston

Happy Valentine's Day from
My Bowlermen and Miss Charleston

our little Valentine's tradition was started here in 2007 with my two oldest receiving matching shirts.
my mother had always given us gifts for Valentine's, so I wanted to carry on a similar tradition.
with the addition of Miss Felicity and growing boys in different departments, finding matching shirts became a challenge.
last year i decided that i was going to make shirts instead.
i love how their Love Rocks shirts turned out
so of course, i needed to come up with something different and zany for this year's shirts.
i have to say that i am completely in love with how they turned out.

My Bowlermen

and Miss Charleston

towards the end of our little photo shoot, grandma and grandpa dropped by after a long road trip visiting Abigail, Jesse, Jani, and Liz
Grandma proceeded to teach the boys how to do the Charlie Chaplin walk in honor of their bowler hats and mustaches.  I loved their attempts... shuffling pointed out feet and twirling hand.
a viewing of The Circus and The Gold Rush are definitely in order
as well as maybe a little Buster Keaton and Laurel & Hardy
but my favorite man of the cinema in a bowler hat has to be Jude Law in Sherlock Holmes;)

now we need grandma to come back and teach them the Charleston... i know she knows it!

i would love to do a tutorial on the making of these shirts so stay tuned...
*tutorial link for Mr. Bowlerman and Miss Charleston shirts here*


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