Friday, February 10, 2012

Christmas Day - family and worship

the house is warm with color, lights, and gifts 
gifts given by many hands, making our Christmas possible

Christmas morning on the Sabbath
a wonderful reminder of the purpose of the celebration, our Savior Jesus Christ

i loved watching happy hands unwrapping each gift with anticipation...jubilation...followed by exclamation
and in Tate's case..."Yes!  I've always wanted this."
i loved that Felicity adored her baby doll Santa had brought her...and the baby crib bedding a busy elf had made her.  of course she noticed that the baby had an 'ow' in her hair {what she calls a hair clip}
i loved that the boys delighted in simple gifts such as Eyan's harmonica
i loved that my boys' favorite presents were books - never enough in our house -
and of course the scooters and pogo stick

enriched by uplifting music and word rejoicing over the birth of our Savior was the perfect embodiment of the Christmas Spirit.
it was a wonderful transition from a morning of gifts, to bring our focus back to the Gift of Gifts

after our meeting we returned home and i asked my sister Liz to grab a few photos of Felicity and I still in our Sunday best.  the boys were tired out from photos on Christmas Eve.
i delighted in having a sweet moment of connection with my baby girl.

{you can catch a glimpse of my new red hair color in these}

change of clothes and over to grandpa and grandma's we returned
grandpa had made us breakfast in true grandpa fashion - combining foods the way only he can
presenting the saus-cake - a marriage of two breakfast loves - sausage and pancake

after all the family had returned to the house, the unwrapping of the presents from grandpa and grandma, cousins, and siblings began
a magic show kit from grandpa and a flannel robe to Owen from grandma- perfect
a ping pong table to grandpa from all of us - bring on the tournament!

the last fete of the day was to get a photo with all the cousins in their pjs
out of the bigillions of shots, these were the best two.
poor little Tate is sad in the last one because he doesn't have a baby cousin to hold.
next year Tate you can hold Abigail:)


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