Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 2009: Fourth of July at the Pool

This year for Fourth of July our family decided against braving the crowds at the beach and to head inland to my Aunt Kelly's pool for a private celebration. My Aunt Kelly lives in the beautiful city of Rancho Bernardo and has an absolutely amazing backyard with fountains, terraced gardens, deck, patio, batting cages, an orchard, and a great pool and spa. We all had a great time in the pool and had plenty of good food to eat. We were glad that Mom and Dad were able to come for awhile since Mom had been at the hospital all week with my grandpa.

Tate loves goggles. He insisted on wearing them on his head the whole day. He wanted to swim on his own without me holding him, so sorry Tate, not yet baby. He and Eyan took turns jumping into the pool over and over to either myself or Auntie Liz. Each time Tate jumped he would shoot straight into the air, toes pointed, arms at his side. It was hilarious. I think Auntie Liz got a workout throwing them up in the air too. Owen floated along on one of the many floaties we had at the pool and played b-ball with Uncle Lukie.


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