Tuesday, July 21, 2009

June 2009: Erik Gosta Johnson

We had the honor of attending the funeral of Mike's grandfather, Erik Gosta Johnson, in Utah. Mike and I were able fly up by ourselves and spend some tender, quality time with all of Mike's family. Mike is 1 of 7 children and has a large extended family as well. To see the love the family shared was beautiful. Mike's grandfather has an amazing life story one that I can describe in one word- service. He served his country, his family, and his God whole-heartedly and left an incredible legacy for his family. I do not think I will ever forgot the image of true, eternal love as Mike's grandmother bent over to kiss her husband, caress his face, and express her love one last time before the coffin was closed. It was a powerful and tearful experience shared with Mike's entire family. Mike and his brothers were among the pall-bearers; the Johnson boys are all sensitive men. I was so glad that we were able to be there. I think the family grew closer through it. I was glad that I was able to take a few photos of Mike and his parent as well as some of his siblings and their families after the services.


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