Tuesday, July 21, 2009

May 2009: Making Banana Pancakes

We (meaning Mike and the boys:-) ) have had a tradition for awhile now of making pancakes for dinner. Those of you who knew me growing up (especially my poor college roommates) probably knew that I was not a chef nor did I even like the idea of cooking. Heavenly Father knew this and blessed me with a wonderful husband who LOVES to cook. It relaxes him for some particular reason; I guess I've heard that from lots of people. It has the exact opposite effect on me. The boys love helping in the kitchen when they can and watching cooking shows with Mike. They know a lot of the names of the Food Network chefs. I love watching them in the kitchen together.

This particular pancake-making time I feel is especially sweet since Mike has not been able to swallow solid food since early April. It has been a struggle to even be around the smell of food. What a thoughtful Dad he is!


  1. I hate cooking, too. Baking's not so bad, when I know I'm making something just for fun. I know your poll is closed, but I vote for France.

  2. What an awesome dad they have and let me tell you how lucky you are that your hubby cooks!! Way to go Mike!



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