Sunday, July 12, 2009

May 2009: Footie in the Backyard

Any of you that know Mike know that he LOVES soccer, know mostly as football or footie at our house since mainly he watches English Premier League Games- his favorite team being Arsenal. Having heard, watched plenty of matches on TV, and even attending one in England - an experience like nothing else; absolutely incredible -I have learned all sorts of new words: kit=uniform, pitch=field, boots=cleats, and Mike's favorite "Bang goes the nil nil draw" which is yelled after the first goal is scored.

Getting the boys outside to play a little footie is great. All of them, including Mike, are left footed. They definitely have some practicing to do, but its great fun to watch them. Eyan is awesome with his little hand raise when he kicks. It cracks me up:-) We are grateful for our great backyard.


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