Sunday, July 05, 2009

April 2009: Owen, Butterflies, and Lorikeets

If you ever want to be grateful for the children God has sent you, be a chaperone on a 1st grade field trip ... seriously! Although Owen did have his moments at the Wild Animal Park in which I may have disagreed with this initial statement - like when I thought he was missing at the lion exhibit, heart attack - we had a fun time together.

My favorite was the fairy tale-like Butterfly Jungle in which you could walk amidst these graceful floating creatures. The electric-blue butterfly was by far the most incredible and elusive to photograph. Owen liked feeding the Lorikeets, I however was not quite a fan. Holding out gooey food for a bird to land on me to slirp up was not my idea of fun, just a great perk of being a chaperone. At least the bird didn't lick my arm like it did Owen's teacher who spilled some on herself. I did love that Owen has so excited to have me with him. I will hold on to that as long as I can.

Owen enjoyed feeding the deer. He opted to not get some of the food that the WAP provides to feed the deer, but thought the deer would enjoy a nice green leaf instead.

The bus driver was not much better than last year's field trip. You can read all about how much I loved that bus ride here. This is what I don't understand. If you are a bus driver by profession isn't it at the top of your job description to know how to get to and from the destination. Both times I have gone as a chaperone the bus driver has gone the wrong way and had to back track. Just a thought:-)


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