Sunday, July 05, 2009

April 2009: Summer Vacation in April

This year our family took our annual Summer Vacation in April:-) Trying to organize a time when five siblings -3 married with children, 2 college students with jobs - an ultra-busy Dad with pressing job and church duties, and SuperMom who does more things and goes more places than we can keep track of - can all get together is a little tricky. This year it fell to one week in April. We were very excited to get an amazing beach home in Oceanside with oceanviews, a jacuzzi on the deck, and a small side yard for the kids to play. We had such a great time. Those, including Mike, who had to work during the week were able to come when they could since Oceanside is 15-45 minutes from their various jobs.

The kids were in heaven. I do have to say that I am finally getting the hang of being a Mom to 3. I was able to take the boys down to the beach by myself and have a fun and relaxing time. My boys generally play so well together and I loved seeing them build castles, dig holes, and run in and out of the ocean following the pattern of the waves. One evening we had a corn roast in the fire pit on the beach-the yummiest corn I've ever had! -corn cooked in the husk in salt water-mmm mm. Thanks Cheryl for bringing the gear. She also took some family photos of us. They turned out so great. I'll show them in a separate post - click here:-).

One day we rode the Coaster down to Old Town San Diego. The boys absolutely loved their first ride on a train. We walked to a candy shop and then to my great times 5 grandfather's grave, Santiago Arguello, the first governor of California. Yes, I am California Royalty:-) We then grabbed lunch at a Mexican restaurant and headed back home.

We had a great time together - playing games, squishing too many adults in an over-flowing jacuzzi, bike rides along the beach watching tractors expand the shoreline, walks on the pier watching the birdies, strolling the Farmer's Market, and watching silly YouTube videos whose vocabulary has now become adopted into our family vernacular, such as : the Alabama leprechaun "who all see a leprechaun say yeah" - weeks later all my boys including Tate were repeating this since they heard us saying it - my favorite is the amateur sketch:-) and the Grape lady "uuu uuu stop stop I can't breath" - my favorite is the little dance she does before she eats it, okay so we're not nice, but you've got to admit that these are funny!


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