Sunday, January 31, 2010

December 2009: Christmas Morning - Just Us

I love the excitement of Christmas morning that comes with having little kids. Although Mom was tired after a long night:-), I was happy to be up. As per tradition, have to have the Christmas music playing and the video camera in one arm and the still camera in the other, before the kids can come down oldest to youngest. The scene: Beautiful sunny California Christmas morning, presents under the decorated tree-the kids did a great job of helping this year, baby Jesus in his soft manger from the boys' good deed straws, Santa and reindeer's nearly empty plate and mug, Santa's thank you note, and stockings full of fun surprises. My favorite new Christmas decoration this year was Eyan's present to me of an ornament of his hand print. I absolutely love it!

One by one Owen, Eyan, and Tate came down to see the sight, first noticing their unwrapped presents from Santa: O a kid digital camera, E an Iron Chef costume, and T a Mac truck. A marble run, legos, legos, and more legos, as well as a Darth Vader costume from Mom & Dad were also big hits:-)

Look at how cute this card is from Owen, a Santa made from his handprint:-)
Grandpa and Grammy Johnson's presents to the boys were also wrapped under the tree. For O, an I-Dog to plug in Daddy's I-Pod to listen to while cleaning his room (I'm ready to try anything). For E, a set of electronic drumsticks. For T, a Geo-Trax Lightning McQueen. Thank you Grammy and Grandpa - you knew just what we wanted ;-).

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  1. That IS a cute card... I have to remember that one! I love looking at your sweet family pics. If I ever have a little man... I want his hair to look like theirs!



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