Sunday, January 31, 2010

December 2009: New Year's Eve Rockband

We celebrated New Year's Eve with a little Rockband. The boys loved that it was their turn to play, no having to beg some adult to give them their instrument. Their favorite songs to play were "Eye of the Tiger" and "Baby Won't You Drive My Car". Eyan was hilarious singing that Beatles song. "And Bebe I love you. Beep Beep ..Beep Beep Yeah!" Tate sings the intro beats to "Eye of the Tiger" all the time, its hilarious. Owen tore it up on the drums. My Dad and Mom joined us, of course, since its their game. And Mike really got into it. Lovin' his Mick Jagger stance. It was fun to try the hard level on the guitar since we had it on the "no fail" mode for the kids. I had so much fun rockin' these photos out!

Of course we celebrated New Year's Eve east coast time:-). We then headed over to Panda Express to bring home for a celebratory meal. Owen took some photos with his new digital camera (unfortunately little brother Tate erased them :-<) Lookin' forward to 2010!!!


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