Sunday, January 03, 2010

October 2009: Halloween with My 3 Jedis

This Halloween all the boys wanted to be jedis, so I made them all jedi robes. They love them! I love when costumes aren't just used for one night. It is hilarious to me how in to it Owen gets with his expressions and poses. Each of the boys love the Star Wars movies (at least the ones we've let them watch:-) ), their favorite changes frequently.

This year was a real treat because Mike's brother Steve (you may have heard his name mentioned by our boys in regards to Uncle Steve's awesome boat), his wife Katie, their daughter Kylie, and their son Teagan- also known as Mickey Mouse to Tate- came down from Idaho and stayed with us. The cousins had a blast together as if they had never been apart.

Before Trick Or Treating my mom planned a fun Halloween dinner for the kids. She made snake sandwiches and served all sorts of other fun food, including ghost chips. After the kids ran around the front yard before we took them over to Cheryl's house for a mini photo shoot. These photos are awesome! Trick Or Treating came last with buckets over-flowing with candy!

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