Monday, January 04, 2010

December 2009: Layton Family Christmas

This past year has been a rough one for my mother's family, actually I think its been tough on every family I have talked to. I think everyone was looking forward to 2010. Well my poor grandpa, my darling gramps, has had a very rough year, in and out of hospitals and assisted living homes since the beginning of the summer. It has been very difficult to watch him age so drastically this year as well as to see my poor grandma feel so lost without him. I have witnessed some tender moments exchanged between a loving daughter, my mommy, and her childlike father. I will never forget being there with her in hospital as she brushed his teeth, read him scriptures, and lovingly embraced her daddy.

This year we spent our family Christmas at his assisted living home. My mom and her siblings did a great job of decorating it and making it feel festive and inviting. We ate super yummy tamales (in past years we have made our own) in some flavors I had never had but that were so tasty, spinach and cream cheese, strawberry and cream cheese, and pineapple.

This photos are difficult for me to see, but I feel that they are very important to share. These last couple of years I remember hearing my grandfather speak of his love for his family so frequently. It is this wonderful family: my mother, my Aunt Kelly, my Uncle Steve, my Uncle Dave, and my grandma that have been by his side almost daily through these past many months of difficulty. I know if he could express it himself, he would wrap his arms around each one and thank them with all his heart. I love you grandpa. Love your Sweet Bree.

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  1. Love my gramps! So glad the all the kids could be there with him!



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