Sunday, January 03, 2010

October 2009: Cookies with Jackson

Eyan, Tate, and I went to Auntie Nessa's house to make some Halloween cookies with Jackson. First off, I can just hear my sister concerned about these photos showing her paint swatches on the kitchen wall, no worries Nes (3 months later and she chose the paint color-that's the way to do it I tell ya). As you all know I am not Little Miss Cookie-Maker so this was an adventure for me too. We learned a thing or two also about decorating sugar cookies, such as do not use blue crystal sprinkles- disaster- blue dye everywhere.

Nes had cookie cutters in all sorts of shapes: bats, pumpkin, even a Frankenstein, but they all ended up looking like blobs. Not sure how to fix that problem. The boys loved using the rolling pin, the cookie cutters, and especially the knives to spread on the frosting (love my 2 little lefties).
Love this one of Jackson with the frosting on his lip:-)
Of course we had a policy about not licking the knife before putting it back into the bowl, but you know how it goes... "Oh Eyan, don't lick that. No, no, don't put that back in the ... (insert licked spoon into bowl)... bowl." Germs?...We're all related:-) The kids did lovely work resembling modern art masterpieces and shortly consumed them.

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  1. We need to make this a yearly tradition! So fun having you guys over!



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