Wednesday, May 25, 2011

April 2011: Baby Shower the Royal Way

I have been wanting to learn more and more things with my Photoshop Elements, so I took this evening to learn about clipping masks.  Wow, such possibilities have opened up.  I came across this site that is absolutely amazing, Pugly Pixels, and watched her screencast (never knew there was such a thing) found here.  This site has all sorts of eye candy for your blog and has tons of tutorials on how to work with them in Photoshop.  I decided to use this template shown here to create a little collage of my darling sister-in-law Jani {see more of her here} from her family baby shower that my Aunt Pamela threw her last month.  As I am so far behind in my blogging, I thought the many faces of Jani at her shower would facilitate the great use of this cute collage.

I love all of her cute faces as she opens her gifts!  Bathtubs, and headbands, and shoes oh my!  And the hat.  Yes, the hat.  So fun!  My mother suggested that everyone wear hats to the shower in honor of the Royal Wedding that took place at 4am or so that morning (which Jani, my Mom, and surprisingly my sleepless brother Luke all got up to watch).  Even darling Felicity had her hat.  Mom looked as if she could have attended the Royal Ceremony herself:-)

My Aunt Pam lives on breathtaking Coronado.  If you have never had the pleasure of visiting, you must make a point to do so.  Here is Jani and Vanessa with their cute baby bumps.  Jani just loved the view and I think was ready to move in:-)

Here are some photos of some of my family members.  We have such a happy family.  I was so happy that my grandma was able to make it.  And yes, I didn't have a hat:-(  I LOVE hats, but didn't have one that you would wear to a Royal Wedding.  Felicity was our family representative.

Yummm, who can resist a Nothing Bundt Cake!!

Our lovely hostess. Thank you Aunt Pam for such a royal shower.


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