Thursday, March 14, 2013

an unhurried day: felicity is princess for a day, her birthday that is

amidst the hustle and bustle that is life
days of an unhurried nature are the fresh air of living
i am so grateful that i made a point to let Felicity's birthday be that kind of day
granted having my van's transmission go out leaving me car-less forced me to slow down 
but making her day, her day was intentional
and i am rather proud of myself for not answering email, having my post for the day scheduled previously, not feeling pressured to clean or get something domestic done
we just played and played

started the day with a little present opening
i have been saving this beautiful joyfolie dress for just such an occasion

side trip to drop of the van to the repair shop, yippee
and then a breakfast pink sprinkle donut with coco {her little doggie} and cousin abigail

later she
struggled with sharing a bit
played the keyboard demo a bigillion times
i repeatedly asked for another song but she was set on this high pitched twangy melody
later on her song requests were
niece dadidad {feliz navidad}
the twelve days of christmas {muppets edition}
gandalph style {our chosen alternative to gangnum style}

she heavily anticipated our trip to the park when her brothers got home from school
our car-less day continued with a walk/bike/scooter ride to the park

found some shade for cousin sack races
always a favorite with the kiddos
it was ridiculously too hot for March

tired jumpers needed water and rest
quite the resemblance on the cup sketches 

Owen was so proud of his game he created for Felicity
pin the wand on the princess
continuing our low key birthday with mom's sweater turned blindfold

oh, did i mention that i made cupcakes
pink ones actually
cupcakes and presents followed
necklace from cousins
tea set, which she now calls glass picnic, from me
i was so impressed with how dainty she was with her glass picnic set
only 2 pieces down so far

what goes up must come down
or in our case
what goes down must come up
up, up, up the hill
back home
i had a cute view huffing it though

home at last for some tea in the front lawn
wintermint anyone?
my baby is 3 and i cannot believe it
i do love how she does have some baby left in her face
although its fading fast

so happy to have had an unhurried day 
a birthday day of play
i will definitely be needing more of those on a regular basis


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