Friday, March 29, 2013

my buddha baby turns 8

brotherly love

what i felt the moment i first held my first baby, our miracle Owen, are almost indescribable
a rush of breath
a new beat to my heart
a new meaning to life
a softening of my nature
for the first time, i can truly say that i caught a glimpse into the love my Father in Heaven has for me as his child
i worried throughout my second pregnancy that i wouldn't know how or couldn't possibly love another child as much as i loved my first
how could it be possible
yet in that first moment i held sweet little Eyan, eight years ago today, i understood and felt what my Mom had repeatedly reassured me
that my capacity to love would grow and grow
i again caught a glimpse into how our Heavenly Father could love each of us
for we are each his child
and His capacity to love is endless

black and white portraits of EyanEyan was just what Mike and I had prayed for
a Buddha Baby
our Baby Sunshine
he was the happiest, most content baby you ever did see
his twinkling almond shaped eyes
dimpled cheeks
rolls upon rolls
and calm nature
was instantly endearing

my buddha baby
Eyan my buddha baby

he and Owen have been best buds from the beginning
Eyan happily meshing into the identity and interests of his big brother
it has only been in the last year or so that his own likes and interests have emerged
having been content for so long in just doing and loving what his older brother did and loved

as i stated in my recent post of Eyan's pre-baptism photo shoot
he is a gentle soul
he is the soft hand on my shoulder when i begin to raise my voice
a reminder i asked him to give me
and he remembers
he remembers

i depend on him
because he is dependable
i am so grateful for this happy soul in our family
happy eighth birthday to my continuous sunshine

Eyan and Owen brotherly love
black and white portraits of Owen and Eyan


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