Tuesday, March 19, 2013

a lovely word from our sponsor: jennalou designs

feeling a little starstruck in introducing my new friend and first sponsor
the ever so talented Jenna Lou of
she is the real deal 
a self made woman
who over the past 7 years has transformed her small etsy shop to a full-on production team
i've seen her studio sewing machines
they mean business
i'm sure you have seen her banners on your favorite blogs and wedding sites
she is legit

i was so privileged to have met her at the 
Be Crafty Workshop in Minnesota
{see part one of my trip here}
as you can immediately see from her photos
she has a warm glow about her
and the most perfect skin i have ever seen
she has been a true supporter of the changes i am trying to make and has been helping me along the way

meet THE



I’m a stitcher, gardener, baker, crafter, tree-hugger, entrepreneur, homemaker and a Southern Minnesotan girl who fell in love with sewing. My passion truly started when I was taught as a little girl to sew and slowly blossomed into a fulfilling full time career.
Jenna Lou Designs was started in 2006, specializing in handmade handbags and wallets. It started as a one woman show where I did everything from making my original designs, to cutting, to sewing, to constantly having an eye out for the best, most brilliant fabrics. High quality materials are just as important to me as the creativity put into each design. In 2011 after years of a growing business, I could no longer handle the workload alone so I expanded my team to a few of the most kind, gentle, supportive, and brilliant seamstresses I could find. They are fabulous and we make a pretty great team!
I greatly enjoy taking custom orders because it allows my customers to express their personalities and love the uniqueness of each order. My fabric gallery allows you to choose from hundreds of fabrics in every color imaginable to meet your individual style. You can start designing yours today by viewing the online fabric gallery.
Blessings, Jenna

i am having a lovefest over this brown leather bag with the tassel
Jenna is having her first sample sale 
head on over here to snag these and other purse, clutches, headbands, and scarves before they are gone
come see her shop here
and then read her blog here
lets show her some love from Sweet Dreams are Made of These
i know you'll just fall for her too


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