Wednesday, March 06, 2013

come join us under the State Farm umbrella

since leaving Apple there have been a few more bumps in the road career-wise for Mike than we had anticipated
but my words back then still ring true today
the bitter + sweet ending of jobs past has brought us that much closer to our hopes for Mike
that he would find a new job that would allow him to not be completely knocked out from exhaustion and pain each and everyday, a job that would allow his skills and abilities to be unrestrained in their reach-yes, he's got skills!, a job that would be more conducive to the schedule of a growing, young family
and as his Multiple Sclerosis progresses, this job description continues to be increasingly essential to our family's ability to function and succeed 

we are beyond thrilled that stars have aligned and heaven's blessings poured down, and that this seemingly illusive job has become a reality for our family
a job with a future for us even if health wise the MS does the unthinkable

i invite you now to come join with us in this new career
for you have a large part in our success as well
a symbiotic relationship at its best
come join us under the State Farm umbrella

MS has led to some eye-opening perspective changes for both of us, i finally coming closer to acceptance.
this new reality that progressively comes with new physical limitations
Mike's lifelong passion for life and financial planning...not to mention his tendency towards going against the grain and challenging conventional wisdom
new career with State Farm Insurance

although life and financial planning has been a lifelong hobby of learning for him, he has spent the last 8 months training and learning on the fast track 
in large part due to my incredible brother, Luke, whose agency Mike is managing

Mike wants your business
he's someone you can trust
someone who will be there
i give my full-hearted ringing endorsement

its more than just insurance.  
auto & fire = yes!  -- but also Life Insurance, Financial Planning, 401K Rollovers, Health/Disability options, Long Term Care insurance, and banking options!

Mike can help you 
manage your risk
recover from the unexpected
and realize your dreams!!

please reach out to him.  he wants to be your advocate and advisor:
  • Life Planning
  • 401K Rollover
  • Retirement
  • Banking {Mortgage, Auto Loans, Checking and Savings, Credit Cards}
  • Business Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Home & Renters Insurance
  • and more
he would love to have a chance for your business
to put the protective umbrella of State Farm over the ones you value the most
you know he will work that hard for you

so for those of you who are a California neighbors please
call or text him at 951-249-4577
email him at
visit their website at
visit their facebook page

those of you in other fine states
we encourage you to contact your local State Farm agent

we have been the recipients of a great many of your prayers and service over the past few years
and we thank you
i know that we can count on you in supporting us in this latest and promising endeavor

this message has been approved by the 'Mike Johnson for your Life Protector' campaign
i'm briana johnson and i approve this message


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