Monday, March 11, 2013

will you join me in making baby blankets: 35 for 35 years

a little bundle
a precious perfect soul wrapped up in a soft sweet blanket
tomorrow she turns 3
a little girl she becomes but forever my baby she will be

imagine a newborn babe and most often a receiving blanket is somewhere in the picture
receiving blankets to give them security and comfort in this big, new world 

for our sewing class this month 
i would like to invite you to join me in making receiving blankets for newborns born at our local hospital
the place we would like to imagine as one where only life begins
but we know that that is not the case
for such is the circle of life
this hospital is the one which we frequented so often those many, many months with my Daddy
this hospital is where we said goodbye
i am grateful for so many caring doctors and nurses
and this is an opportunity for me to give back

on the eve of my 35th birthday {yep, you heard that right...yes, i'm feeling it}
i will be hosting our sewing class with a goal of making 35 baby blankets with your help
i will be championing a local Boy Scout, Landon Brewer, who has chosen for his Eagle Scout Project to make and donate 200 blankets to one of our local hospitals by April 1st

here he is delivering the first blankets that he made to these appreciative nurses
he says:

i decided to make receiving blankets for a local hospital because i love babies...i chose to do this because my sisters both had to give the hospital receiving blankets back when they checked out.  one nurse even took it off the baby in the parking lot!...yes, i have made some myself, three so far, my first sewing experience. yes, they are that easy!  if you would like to help me by making one or more please do!

well landon, we would like to help you collect 35 more blankets for your project

this is the perfect beginner's project if you are just starting out
or if you are a veteran come help me whip some of these up

join heather and i
at my home
my 35th birthday eve
to make 35 baby blankets
March 19th
6:30 - 9:30 pm open house style

leave a comment below with your email address and i will contact you with my address and directions

your machine
two yards of baby flannel - washed and dried - can be two coordinating prints or the same on both sides
thread - matching or contrasting

beginner's don't be afraid
i will help you out step by step

be apart of something that will warm your heart and the body of a sweet newborn
there are so many of us who are blessed and showered with gifts as we welcome our own into this world
but others may not be so fortunate
and being able to leave the hospital with a soft blanket of their new child's very own will show them that the world is a good place
full of lots of people who give and love

won't you join me


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