Friday, April 19, 2013

my bags are packed... again

through the course of some surprising events this week
i am headed back to Vegas this weekend
crazy, i know
Vegas isn't really my scene
but for some reason right now it seems to be the mecca of learning for me
the good kind of learning
not the Vegas kind

i will be investigating a new product and company that has been on the rise 
one that may cause ponce de leon to roll in his grave
it is a new anti-aging product 
and if it proves worthy
i will dub it the topical ambrosia of the forever 29 club

upon entering the decade of their 30s, i have welcomed many of friends into my forever 29 club
its numbers are growing
of course 30 is the new 20 so i hear
but tell that to my skin
what could be better than youthful skin to ignite our little club name into a self fulling prophecy
friends if its worthy 
i will share

if not, i will have spent a fun filled weekend with my mother and sister in law
most expenses paid
either way
i'm a winner
and not in the Vegas way

would love to know your plans for the weekend
or your favorite topical ambrosia


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